A: Confirming assumptions about Sydney, Australia

I have realised that I can take pictures faster than I write. This causes a problem of course, but don’t worry because I think I have found a solution. This new additional series of blogs will tell stories using mostly photographs and a few remarks or updates. They can be distinguished from the more story oriented ones (the TL;DR ones,for most people in these modern times) as they start with a letter instead of a number.

In two days of walking around jet-lagged through Sydney I have  learned a lot. So here I will share my hasty conclusions and confirm your assumptions.

Yes, it is summer here.

As seen from the plane, most of Australia indeed seems to consist of desert!

Yes, jet-lag is annoying (but the jet lag fast does seem to help).

Sydney is quite big (12,145km², where Amsterdam is 219km²)

It also has more water and trees around then I have seen in any city so far.

This makes it kind of beautiful.

Yes, there are all kind of hip restaurants, pubs, and food stalls!

Generally, Australians take both loudness and friendliness to a new level.

They seem to be very into physical exercise.

Yes, Australian students are all instructed to dress like Harry Potter.

There are a lot of tourists.

Yes, there is an interesting mixture of architectural styles, colours, and people.

Yes, there are awesome musicians around!

Naturally, Australians have superstitions about the noses of animal statues.

Yes, the Opera House is real.

Some people have really bad luck with their cars.

It seems to be okay for grown up people to walk around with Christmas hats on, at the beginning of December.

Uhuh, I do indeed have a better camera!

Yes, I was put on the guest list to see the only Australian band I have been listening to for years.

No, I haven’t got a job yet.

Yes, I will start looking today..


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