9. – Poem: Fireproof



A thrill engulfed your being as you first saw the sparks from a distance, drifting on the breeze towards you.

From the shadows two eyes locked in with yours, the most beautiful of eyes.

They stole your breath and

Engulfed the sense of foreboding that you should have felt.


Ere long your whole body was burning brightly with her. From within the blaze your eyes gleamed like hers, with the same force of life.

A spinning gale of fire danced around you, sparks and embers danced with you, the center of everything.

 You spun around, ashes billowing in your wake.

The core of the earth rotated ever faster, beautiful flames brushing your cheek.


 Fireproof, you lost all fear, nothing could hurt you.


Later, you found yourself sitting there, in a seemingly endless field of ashes, dust settling on the ground in the hazy light of sunrise.

You asked then, about your wounds.

You wondered how you could have been scorched and hurt so deeply

by a mere illusion.


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